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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AIChE ITB SC Member and AIChE International Student Member?

AIChE ITB SC Member is an organization that an individual can participate in this ITB Student Chapter, whether as a staff member or a regular member. And AIChE ITB SC is automatically registered as an AIChE International Student Member. Meanwhile, AIChE Internatioal Student Member are university students who have membership in the AIChE Official Website.
An ITB Student may have registered themselves as an AIChE International Student Member but not as AIChE ITB SC Member.

What is the difference between AIChE ITB SC Member and
AIChE International Student Member?

Both kinds of membership will receive the same benefits as an AIChE International Student Member (SAChE, joining competitions, using the student forum facility in the AIChE Official Website, e-library, etc). However, an AIChE International Student Member will not be able to receive the benefits of being student chapter members (which will be explained further below), one of which is participating in competitions or AIChE conference that requires its participants to be student chapter member. 

What are the types of membership in AIChE ITB SC? What are the differences? 

There are two types of membership status in AIChE ITB SC: Staff member and Regular member. Both membership status have the same benefits: both are able to participate in all AIChE ITB SC events (with exception of staff-only events), receive discounted entrance fee for AIChE ITB SC events, and all benefits of AIChE International Student Member. However, staff member will receive more experience, such being a part of the management team, and receives an honorable mention in SKPI (Surat Keterangan Pengantar Ijazah). 

How long is the membership status in AIChE ITB SC?

Membership status is applicable only up until the next management open its membership registration.

What if I have previously joined as an AIChE ITB SC member and want to continue my membership?

Membership extension is very much welcomed. This can be done by filling in the staff or regular member registration form (as desired). And extend your membership on the AIChE Official website independently. 

How can a new member get an AIChE ID?

AIChE ID is given through your AIChE account on the AIChE website. The Division of Members' Management will create AIChE accounts for new members (staff or regular). The distribution of said AIChE accounts will be informed further. 

What are the benefits that AIChE ITB SC provides? 

There are a lot of benefits that AIChE ITB SC provides for its members, such as by welcoming members to participate in our projects, such AIChE Sisters, ChExpedition, AIChExchange, ChEminar Series, workshops, mentoring session for competition, internal competition as AIChE members, etc. 

Is it only FTI students allowed to be AIChE ITB SC members?

The answer is no, AIChE ITB SC welcome all students from any majors and any faculty in ITB.

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