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AIChE ITB Student Chapter is a place where you can grow through professional programs, affiliation with other student chapters and association with professional members. Any undergraduate student can join and get involved in this organization. Here, you will be able to access a lot of benefits that AIChE ITB Student Chapter provides.

Regular Members

Members are also able to participate in all AIChE ITB SC events, receive discounted entrance fee for AIChE ITB SC events, and all the benefits of AIChE International Student Member.

Staff Members

Staff member are also able to participate in all events of AIChE ITB SC members and gain the same benefits as members. In additional, student staff will receive more experience, such as taking a part in managing an organization in desired divisions, participating in AIChE Team Building, as well as receiving an honorable mention in SKPI (Surat Keterangan Pengantar Ijazah).


Manage the organization by design, develop and implement projects to reach each goals of every project. Ensure that organization keeps developing internally and expand externally.

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Our Structure

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Division Secretary responsible for managing administrative necessity for AIChE ITB SC, such making legal letters including SKPI for staff and members, as well as letters for AIChE ITB SC. And making proposals based on division requirements.


Projects: ChElinar, Merchandise, Fundraising, AIChEt, AIChE Translate! and Garage Sale

Treasurer are responsible to manage every income and outcome related to
cash flow of AIChE ITB SC, earning money through FundRaising, sponsorships,
merchandise and any other method. And manage membership payments of AIChE ITB SC.


Members' Development

Projects: ChEminar Series and Insightful Workshop

Division Members’ Development are responsible to arrange
and hold seminars to develop the members' chemical engineering
hard skills. Develop members' soft skills through insightful workshops.

ChEminar Series


Competition Encouragement

Projects: Delegation ChEarch, Competition Overview and InterCom

Division Competition Reinforcement is responsible to gather
and announce information about competitions to members of AIChE ITB SC,
handling the registration for competition delegates and reinforcing the
delegates’ knowledge and skills by pairing them with experienced mentors.

Delegation ChEarch

Competition Overview

Members' Management

Projects: ChExercise, ChErenity (Welcoming Party, Team Building, AIChErish)
and Members’ Benefit Socialization.

Division Members’ Management are responsible for all internal matters
in the organization. This division manages every internal activities, such as gathering,
team building, year-end party and internal workshop for staff to maintain
harmonious relationships within the organization. Members’ Management also responsible
for: Manage members recruitment, AIChE account registration, and all necessary member
databases. Gives technical socialization about the members’ benefits and how to maximize
them. Supervise members’ activity in AIChE ITB SC events and grant credits and appreciation
to members who are active. 

Team Building

Welcoming Party

Public Relations

Projects: AIChE Sisters - AIChExchange - ChEnnected - ChExpedition

Division Public Relations are responsible for connecting with another AIChE Student Chapter
to be a part of the sister chapter, and collaborate with other organizations to widen impacts.
Besides, public relations are also responsible for: Hold benchmarking sessions with other
organizations Socialize and promote AIChE ITB SC on field (offline).

AIChE Sisters




Media & Branding

Projects:  ChEfacts  - Publication - Design

Division Media & Branding is responsible for preparing every content related to the
social media branding and publications of AIChE ITB SC, such promotion of AIChE ITB SC
across social media platforms. Maintaining the consistency and managing the identity of
AIChE ITB SC using distinctive design, to increase the engagement in addition to brand
awareness towards AIChE ITB SC. Besides, Media & Branding Division also responsible for:
Creating all designs needed for AIChE ITB SC and its programs, giving documentation from
each program of AIChE ITB SC 2020/2021 and giving weekly chemical engineering
tips and facts through social media.




What is Chem-e-car?

Chem-E-Car is an annual college competition for designing a small-scale car that can be moved by energy from a self-design battery and stoped by an autonomous stopping mechanism reaction. The designed car will compete against another car in a certain race track. To reach that, the project team must form.

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Voltron ITB

Voltron is the first fixed project team that design Chem-E-Car in ITB. Voltron team consists of 9 members that lead by 1 coordinator and spread through 3 divisions or sub-teams, they are Power Supply, Stopping Mechanism, and Electrical.

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